The Forgotten Details of Chamber of Secrets: Book vs. Movie

Since my last “Book vs. Movie” post, I have completed four books in the Harry Potter-series, and I am currently on the fifth one. I have also been reading a lot of young adult novels, a few of which I have written about here. When I finished reading Chamber of Secrets, I wasn’t as shocked about the differences between the book and the movie as I was with Philosopher’s Stone. There is still a great, GREAT deal of detail in the book though, which is what I am going to elaborate on in this post. Before you continue, have you read The Forgotten Details of Philosopher’s Stone: Book vs. Movie? If not, go give that a read and let me know how many new details you learned!

Dobby & Mrs. Dursley’s Pudding

The pudding-scene is quite unforgettable, in my opinion. In the book, the pudding is described as a mound of whipped cream and candied violets that Mrs. Dursley prepared for a very important dinner. I’m sure you would remember Dobby making the pudding hover in mid-air, and then dropping it straight on top of Mrs. Mason’s head. Well, that didn’t happen in the book. Instead, Dobby dropped the pudding in the kitchen where the dish shattered, and cream covered the windows and the walls and Harry. The Masons only left because of the Ministry owl that swooped in, and Mrs. Mason had a fear of birds.

Escaping with the Flying Ford Anglia

When Fred, George, and Ron went to save Harry, Fred and George had to get Harry’s trunk from the locked cupboard under the stairs. They actually used a hairpin to pick the lock, stating that those types of Muggle tricks are “skills worth learning, even if they are a bit slow“. Uncle Vernon didn’t fall out of Harry’s window either.

De-Gnoming the Garden

De-gnoming the garden was really, really strange. In the wizarding world, gnomes are actually pests. In order to get rid of them, Ron swung the gnome in circles above his head so that it got really dizzy, and then threw it over the hedge so that it wouldn’t be able to find its way back to the gnomeholes. 

Traveling by Floo Powder

In the movie, traveling by Floo Powder means stepping into an empty fireplace and speaking your destination, throwing the powder down, and then you will be engulfed by green flames. In the book, the fireplace already has a fire in it. One must step up to the fire, throw the Floo Powder into it (the flames will turn emerald green), and then step into the fire and speak the name of your destination. 

At Borgin and Burkes

When Harry accidentally landed in Borgin and Burkes, he hardly had time to look around or leave before Lucius and Draco Malfoy entered the shop. Harry hid in a large black cabinet. Lucius needed to sell to Mr. Borgin, as he needed to get rid of what was obviously dark objects due to the Ministry raids that were happening at the time. Draco was curiously looking around the shop and was just about to open the cabinet that Harry was hiding in when Lucius called him. Harry informed Arthur Weasley about what he witnessed.

Lucius Malfoy & Arthur Weasley Fight

At Flourish and Blotts, Lucius and Arthur got into a physical fight. Fred and George were cheering their father on, and Hagrid eventually pulled them apart.

Driving the Flying Ford Anglia to Hogwarts

Harry’s door didn’t open and he was not hanging for his life while Ron was driving the Flying Ford Anglia to Hogwarts. There is also no mention of them about to get hit by the train. It was, in fact, a very long and boring journey, and Harry was very thirsty.

The First Defense Against the Dark Arts Class

Gilderoy Lockhart began their lesson with a little quiz to see how well the students had read his books. The questions included what his greatest achievements were, his favourite colour, and what his ideal gift would be.

Hermione the Mudblood

Hermione didn’t actually know what “mudblood” meant, only that it was rude.

The Deathday Party

Nearly Headless Nick invited Harry, Ron, and Hermione to his Deathday party on Halloween night, which consisted of hundreds lot of ghosts and rotten food.

Filch’s Kwikspell Letter

When Harry was in Filch’s office, he saw a Kwikspell letter, which is a course in magic. It turns out that Filch is a Squib, meaning that he can’t do magic. 

Professor Binns and the Chamber of Secrets

In the book, their History of Magic teacher (who is also a ghost) tells the students about the Chamber of Secrets, much to his annoyance.

Valentine’s Day

Lockhart organised a Valentine’s Day breakfast for the students. That morning, Harry received a singing Valentine (“His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad, His hair is as dark as a blackboard. I wish he was mine, he’s really divine, The hero who conquered the Dark Lord“).

The Crowing of the Rooster

In the book, all of Hagrid’s roosters were mysteriously killed. It is then said that “the crowing of the rooster is fatal to the Basilisk”.

The Sorting Hat in the Chamber

When Fawkes brought the Sorting Hat into the Chamber of Secrets, Harry had to put it on his head. The sword appeared inside the hat, hitting his head. 

As I said before, there are a million more details that I won’t discuss in this blog post, but I highly recommend reading the book. Again, Peeves was left out of the movies, and Fred and George were quite appreciated very little. 

Which forgotten detail is the most interesting to you?

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