Is Pink Cosmetics Really Cruelty-Free?

Pink Cosmetics has become really, really popular. I can think of a number of different reasons why the South African beauty community loves them so much, but I believe that one of the main reasons is because the founder, Janet, is passionate about creating natural and safe products inspired by nature. In 2017, their solid brush cleaners were one of their most-talked-about products on social media. On Instagram, I did send them a message asking them if they were cruelty-free, and Janet told me that Pink Cosmetics is indeed cruelty-free. If you’re not sure about why a simple claim to be cruelty-free shouldn’t be trusted, read my blog post titled Why “Not Tested On Animals” is a Lie. Below is a reminder of exactly what I look for in a beauty brand.

What to look for:
  1. The products should not be tested on animals at any point during production, including ingredients and the finished product.
  2. The company should not test on animals.
  3. The suppliers should not test on animals.
  4. Third parties should not test on animals on the company’s behalf.
  5. The company should not test on animals when required by law.
  6. The products should not be sold in mainland China (where animal testing is required by law).

In 2018, I made a few changes to the list of questions that I send local brands. I have kept my usual six questions, but I added three more. The answers to questions seven, eight and nine are not extremely important to me, but I did want to gather more information for my readers who, for example, prefer to use only vegan products. I contacted Janet a few days ago with my list of nine questions, and she responded the very next day (25 February 2018).

The Q&A:
  1. Can you guarantee that your products are not tested on animals at any point, from the ingredients to the finished product? YES
  2. Can you guarantee that your company does not test on animals? YES
  3. Can you guarantee that none of your suppliers test on animals? YES
  4. Can you guarantee that no third parties test on animals on behalf of your company? YES
  5. Do you test on animals where required by law? NO
  6. Are your products sold in mainland China? NO
  7. Are you owned by a parent company? If yes, who? NO
  8. Are you certified cruelty-free by a reputable organisation, such as Leaping Bunny or Beauty Without Cruelty? If yes, who? If no, do you plan on getting certified in the future? NO*
  9. Are any of your products vegan? If yes, do you have a list of these products? YES**

*”We are woring with Beauty Without Cruelty at the moment to get our certification and I plan to contact Leaping Bunny after that one is done.”

**”All our products are vegan except buttermilk in our oats, buttermilk mask, which are changing to coconut milk, pearl in our blue clay and pearl mask which will be changed to vitamin C. Beeswax in our lip balm being changed to cocoa butter.”

It is important to note that Pink Cosmetics does not only sell their own, handcrafted products. Janet also imports authentic international beauty products that are not available in South Africa. The information that she provided is about her own brand of products and NOT the international beauty products that are also available on her website. In her words:

The below information is for our Pink Collection products that we make ONLY and not for any of the other international brands that we import.

If you’re interested in knowing which of her international brands are cruelty-free, I recommend looking through the lists provided by Cruelty-Free Kitty and Logical Harmony.

If you’re content with taking Janet’s word for it, then it is safe to say that Pink Cosmetics is cruelty-free. Until they have their certification from Beauty Without Cruelty, I will contact them again for an update in approximately 6 months time. If I receive any updates or changes to the information that was provided to me, I will update this post immediately. If you’re interested in knowing whether other local brands are cruelty-free or not and other information about cruelty-free beauty, check out my Cruelty-Free Diaries. As always, I encourage you to use this information as a guideline to making your own decisions about the companies you wish to support.


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