A Review of Essence’s Metal Shock Eyeshadows

I did not intend to write a review about these products. In fact, I wouldn’t have even had them in my possession if it weren’t for two generous people who gifted them to me around November/December. I made a sort-of-promise to myself that 2018 would be the year of “quality over quantity” when it comes to makeup, and that specifically meant buying less Essence makeup (excluding their nail products, I’ll never not love those) because they currently make up well over 90% of my makeup collection. However, I’d never refuse a gift, so now I have these incredibly-named, Metal Shock eyeshadows in my possession: 01 solar explosion, 02 stars & stories, and 03 galaxy rocks

01 solar explosion

The first shade in the Metal Shock collection is solar explosion, a beautiful metallic gold. In my opinion, it’s the perfect gold to complement your summer makeup look, as well as your autumn makeup look. The silver and gold shimmers contribute towards making this a very light gold, rather than yellow or warm-toned. Unlike the other two shades that I will be discussing soon, solar explosion is the least glittery and gives the most foiled look. 

02 stars & stories

The second shade in the Metal Shock collection is stars & stories, a very glittery pink/purple. It is packed with silver glitter particles that make this shade undoubtedly cool-toned. I’m going on a hunch here, but I think that the packaging with silver writing is for the glittery shades, whereas the packaging with black writing is for the proper metallic shades (groundbreaking discovery).

03 galaxy rocks

The third shade in the Metal Shock collection is galaxy rocks, a dark glittery grey. Like stars & stories, galaxy rocks is also packed with silver glitter particles that are a lot more prominent due to the dark base. It’s like the eyeshadow version of the Out of Space Stories nail polish that I spoke about here. I don’t quite believe it could be considered metallic though.

All of the shades have the same spreadable, mousse-like texture that dries down entirely after a few seconds. You have a lot of control over the opacity, which can be decreased with more blending and increased with more product. The sheerer it is, the more glittery it will look. I didn’t try to use this product with any tools other than my finger. It just didn’t seem right, and I suspect it is best to keep it that way. The Metal Shock eyeshadows are very good at staying in place after they’ve dried down; however, I did notice a very small bit of creasing and patchiness with the dark shade, galaxy rocks, (perhaps that one needs a primer) and the glittery shades do tend to be a tiny bit messy. solar explosion is perfect, giving a highly pigmented foiled look.

In my opinion, the Metal Shock eyeshadows are very good value for money. I do prefer the metallic shades over the glittery shades, but both are highly pigmented and can look beautiful if used correctly. I was never fond of liquid eyeshadow, but I am a little bit of a convert as I have found these to be more long-lasting and opaque than powder. My favourite shade from this collection is solar explosion, and I am being 100% honest when I say that I am going to use it allllll the time. I am not fond of stars & stories and galaxy rocks simply due to personal taste. 

If you’re ready to throw your money at these, you can find them for about R79.95 at Dis-Chem and Clicks. 

Which shade is your favourite?


  1. January 24, 2018 / 9:59 AM

    I looooooove these too! I also have Solar Explosion and Stars & Stories and wear them all the time! I agree that applying and blending with your finger is the only way to go. Loved your review and your pictures & swatches are BEAUTIFUL!

    • January 24, 2018 / 10:23 AM

      Thank you so much for your wonderfully kind comment! I enjoyed reading your review of these too. These liquid eyeshadows are definitely a hit! x

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