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LUSH Easter Collection 2017

Celebrations just have a way of catching up with all of us, am I right? Despite the fact that most shops have their Easter displays up the day after Valentine’s Day, it still tends to creep up on me. One thing I didn’t delay this year is buying the LUSH Easter Collection for 2017, which became available in South Africa on March, 15th. I knew that the cool things would fly off of the shelves by the end of that weekend, and I just can’t bear not having some limited edition products (I had 101 regrets when I didn’t get the autumn leaf bath bomb). Luckily, when I went to the LUSH store in Canal Walk the next day, they were still fully stocked with all of the Easter goodness!

I was a little bit surprised that LUSH South Africa only has half of the Easter products that were released for 2017. We are missing out on a lot of great things, actually. I don’t know how their business works, but there are some cute things that were left behind. What’s great, however, is that the egg-shaped bath bombs that LUSH came out with this year are absolutely massive!

You can shop the Easter collection at your local LUSH store (I got mine from LUSH Canal Walk) or, alternatively, online.

LUSH Easter Collection 2017: Chick 'n' Mix

Chick ‘n’ Mix

“Gettin’ chicky with it

Open up this big ol’ chick to reveal the adorable baby bunny inside, and voila, you’ve got three beautiful baths to look forward to! Or, drop them all into your tub at once for a big dose of sunny, citrusy bergamot oil and sweet, caramel-like tonka. However you choose to use this jumbo fizzer, you’ll be happy you added it to your bathing mix!”

Chick ‘n’ Mix is the reason why I didn’t order these online the day they were released. Due to the fact that this specific bathbomb comes in three completely disconnected pieces, it was too fragile to take the chance. As you can see, it is a giant chick-egg-thing. When you open it, there is a tiny orange bunny bath bomb inside. Well, they say it’s a bunny, but mine lacks a lot of detail so it just looks like an egg (which makes more sense coming out of a chicken than a bunny).

Bergamot Oil and Tonka Absolute are just two of the ingredients that are included in Chick ‘n’ Mix, but my favourite happens to be the Dark Chocolate. Yes, dark chocolate!

Chick ‘n’ Mix is 200g and it retails for R85. You can easily get three baths out of this one.

LUSH Easter Collection 2017: Which Came First?

Which Came First? (Spots)

“Rattle, rattle, rattle: what’s inside?

If this sweet and citrusy fizzer can’t answer the age-old question, then what can? Crack open this generously sized, spotted egg to coax out the surprise inside and enjoy three egg-cellent soaks over a couple of nights. Or, if you fancy something really decadent, use the entire bomb at once to infuse your bathwater with deliciously sweet, fuchsia waters brimming over with fruity fragrance.”

There are actually two versions of the Which Came First? bathbomb- the spots and the stripes. They are exactly the same, besides the exterior design. At first, I thought it was just an egg. I thought that for a long time actually, until I went back into LUSH the other day and saw a broken one. Turns out, like Chick ‘n’ Mix, there is another little bath bomb hiding inside. This time, it’s yellow (perhaps the yolk?). Lots of surprises this Easter from LUSH!

Grapefruit Oil, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Vanilla Absolute are just three of the ingredients stuffed into this giant egg.

Which Came First? is also 200g and it retails for R95.

LUSH Easter Collection 2017: Golden Egg

Golden Egg

“How do you like your eggs? How about toffee-scented with glittering gold and packed full of fair trade cocoa butter? Soak in a dazzling bath of moisturizing olive oil and golden luster until your skin feels softer than caramel and smells more scrumptious than anything from Mr. Wonka’s factory. Uplifting bergamot and sweet, wild orange oils help to tone and brighten the skin, and give a sweet fruitiness to this most luxurious soak.”

Golden Egg is a must-have out of the Easter Collection! First of all, it is completely covered in generous amounts of soft, gold glitter and cocoa butter. It doesn’t quite feel like a bathbomb, but once you get past the glittery, buttery exterior you’re good to go. Unlike the other two, this bath bomb is a lot smaller, BUT it feels 100 times more luxurious.

The exterior of Golden Egg is covered in Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter. From there, you will encounter ingredients such as Sweet Orange OilBergamot OilExtra Virgin Olive Oil and Gardenia Extract.

Golden Egg is 100g and it retails for R75.

LUSH Easter Collection 2017 | Haul

When I step back and look at it, I feel kind of ridiculous spending almost R300 on bathbombs. Am I the only one who feels that way? Not to mention the fact that it takes me 100 years to actually use them (I still haven’t touched my Valentine’s Day ones).

There are just two other products from the Easter 2017 collection that we have here in South Africa, Chocolate Lip Scrub (25g for R105) and Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel (100g for R95, 250g for R175, and 500g for R295).

Which Easter products do you have your eye on?


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