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I recently discovered this “Currently” trend that has been surfacing on a lot of blogs lately. Okay, so it’s probably already old and outdated, and I am 100% late for the train, but whatever. (I am so good at being delayed.) I really enjoy reading them because I can be real nosy without overstepping the line! It is also interesting because I can learn and discover a few things that I didn’t quite know before, like what cool TV shows I can binge watch during Autumn/Winter. I also thought that this would be a wonderful way for my readers to get to know me and what I am currently obsessing (and not obsessing) over. Each time I write up a “Currently” post I will take away/add a few headings according to what is most appropriate at the time.

Well, then, here goes nothing…

Current Celebration


February was an eventful month for me, as it is every year. First it was Valentine’s Day (which I do actually attempt to celebrate) and on the 20th it was my birthday! This year, I celebrated my “crown birthday” and it is safe to say that I am officially OLD. (Not really, but it feels weird being 20). I am not quite into clubbing and big parties, so this year I spent the day with my family and Paul (my boyfriend). Is that weird? It isn’t weird, right? We went to one of my new favourite restaurants for brunch, Bread & Butter. I would highly recommend Bread & Butter to anyone who likes a vintage-princess-high-tea sort of feel.

Current Purchase African Extracts


African Extracts Rooibos Purifying Face Wash, Toner & Moisturizer: I was always told the following three words, “cleanse-tone-moisturize“, repeatedly throughout my life. I never ever did, of course. Who wants to put so much money and effort into that? Now that I am, er, getting older I realised I should focus on these big-people chores some time soon. Going cruelty-free made it a little bit more difficult to find products that would be worthwhile, but with the help from Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa, I managed to round down a few brands that I could trust. One of these brands is African Extracts. To test the products and my skin’s reaction to them, I bought this super convenient set of mini products with all of the necessities! I have been using them for a short while now, and I have had no problems. Grab this pack of mini products from selected Dis-Chem stores for some ridiculous price (like, I’m talking just over R50 for all three products)! Let me know if you would like a review on the products that I have tried.

Current Purchase NYX Lingerie

NYX Lingerie ‘Corset’: NYX is one of my new favourite cruelty-free makeup brands! I own one NYX lipstick, which is one of the Extra Creamy Round lipsticks. I loved that lipstick, so I thought I would go back and give another product a try. I can’t say much about the Lingerie liquid lipstick just yet, as it is still pretty new to my makeup collection. From the tester swatches, I found them to be extremely pigmented, seemingly buildable and super smooth. It dried on my wrist after a few seconds and did not come off very easily (this is a good sign, I think). You can get your hands on these for R149,95 each at selected Clicks stores (I got mine from Canal Walk).


If you know me, you would know that I prefer more alternative music as opposed to mainstream music. By now you should know who Lana Del Rey is and if you don’t then I suggest you educate yourself. (If you’ve watched The Great Gatsby then you would have heard her song, “Young and Beautiful”, playing multiple times throughout the movie). Her music really isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely IS mine. Her latest single, “Love” has just been released and I am IN LOVE. Admittedly, the first time I listened to it I only played the first few seconds, got bored and switched it off. A few days later I had it on repeat! This song, as the title hints towards, is about being “young and in love“. The music video (yes, there’s a video too!) does not abandon her cinematic vintage feeling, this time with a more dreamy spaced out theme. Can we also just take a moment to appreciate her eyeliner?

“It’s enough just to make me go crazy, crazy, crazy…”


I really love reading, but I have been SO bad lately (lately as in, for the past two years or so).  I have just had so much to do! If you didn’t already know, I am studying full time towards a killer degree whilst working a more-than-part-time job. Is that a good enough excuse? Maybe not. However, I have read one book this year which was a Jodi Picoult book called “The Tenth Circle“. What I love about Jodi (we’re on a first name basis, guys) is that her books are controversial and challenging. One of my favourites is called “House Rules“, which is all about an autistic boy who has a massive interest in (maybe even obsession with) forensic analysis. Earlier this year, Paul surprised me with Jodi Picoult’s latest book called “Small Great Things“. I have heard that it is pretty darn good, so much so that it is going to be a movie too! It is all about racism and prejudice, which is convenient when looking at the current situation in the world. Let me know if you would like a review when I have finished reading the book!

A Series Of Unfortunate Events


Series’ are just amazing. It’s like watching an extra-long movie, which is great when it’s something you love watching. Recently, I have been watching two new series’ that I absolutely adore.

A Series of Unfortunate Events – The series is just as good, if not better, than the movie! The series follows the lives of the Baudelair orphans and, unlike the movie, this time we are (probably) going to see all of Lemony Snicket’s books have a chance in the spotlight! Personally, and I am not a professional in this department, I think that it was very well made and it is so pleasing to watch. It almost has a dark and morbid Cat-In-The-Hat-vibe. Let’s hold thumbs for more seasons!

The Catch

The Catch – I caught a glimpse of the last line in the first episode of The Catch on TV the other night. Captivated, I knew that it would be my next binge (although this season is almost a year old- missed the train once again)! The Catch is all about Alice Vaughan, a kick-butt private investigator who spends her days exposing fraud. Until, of course, she becomes a victim herself by none other than her fiance. Uh oh… Imagine being in love with someone and finding out that you knew absolutely nothing about them- not even their real name? Season 1 is currently showing on M-Net.


I’ve got my eye on some Yankee Candles for the new season. I have never really had a snazzy candle before, which almost seems like a sin in the beauty blogger/vlogger world! Yankee Candles in South Africa offer a decent variety of candles to choose from in different sizes. Seeing that it would be my first time, I’m going for a few small jars in different autumnal scents. I have heard so many great things about these candles and I am so excited to eventually try them out. I have high expectations!

Share a few things that are currently going on in your life in the comments! Also, what would you like to see next from me?


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