Blogmas: Week 4

Merry Christmas!

Well, well, well… We have officially reached the end of blogmas. Yes, really.

How do I feel?

Relieved is definitely a suitable work, but also slightly sad. Christmas once a year is just not enough.

I am extremely proud of myself for getting through 25 days of daily blogging, although the last three days were a little bit rocky. It has been hard, to say the least, because I work a full time job and I wasn’t well prepared.

This was my first time daily blogging and I have learned so very much (it’s all about trial and error). The new tips and skills that I now have will be carried over into 2017 and, I promise, big things are coming (although I have no idea what they are, but the Universe at least hears my positivity).

Anyway, here is my Christmas day in photos…

Blogmas: Week 4

Blogmas: Week 4Festive Mixed Berry Pavlova

What did you do on Christmas day?


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