Huge Christmas Gifts Haul

He who has not Christmas in his heart

will never find it under a tree.

– Roy L. Smith

In case you did not read the title: FAMILY AND BOYFRIEND, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN!

One of my ultimate favourite things to do during December is shop for Christmas gifts! I always have so much fun and, now that I’m working, I’ve taken it to another level.

Christmas Gifts Haul

Pop Filter: This is for my boyfriend. He recently bought himself a snazzy AKG microphone that is worth more than my life right now, so he needed a little pop filter to do its filtering thing. This isn’t a very fancy one (I think), but it does what it needs to do and that’s all that matters. I bought this online from Music Experience. Music Experience is such an amazing store with some of the best musical instruments that I have ever seen, including some super rare guitars! The service was wonderful too.

Bar Set on Wooden Stand: I chose this for my boyfriend too because, for the past year, he’s become interested in really fancy alcoholic beverages, like expensive wine and unique cocktails (I’m not complaining). He’s my go-to whenever it comes to wine or bubbles and he is the one who chose the amazing bubbles featured in my Festive Mimosas blogmas post. I ordered this set online from Woolworthes and had it delivered in a (giant) box to my door.

Layer Cupcake Stand: I bought two of these from Clicks because they had a “buy three and get the cheapest one free” sale. A love of baking runs in the family, so one is for my grandmother and one is for my sister. You can’t go wrong with a pretty cupcake stand, right?

Three Tier Cooling Rack: This was the third item from the Clicks special that I mentioned above. This will be going to my grandmother as well. She has a little business and it’s taken off so well, so she needs anything that could make baking cakes a little bit easier. I feel like this cooling rack could do that.

Christmas Gifts Haul

Minecraft Handbooks: My brothers are absolutely obsessed with Minecraft. If this is how I can get them to read, then this is the way it’s going to be. The green book is a beginners handbook and the purple one is a combat handbook, so they feature cool tips and tricks. I bought both of them from Exclusive Books.

Nature’s Nourishment Bag: This bag is just packed with bath and shower goodies! I chose this for my stepmom and I got it from Dischem. It is so well worth the money that my boyfriend got one for his mother too!

DIY Card Kit and Album Kit: So, Typo currently has a sale that I thought I could have only dreamed of. It is ridiculous. I picked up these cute DIY kits for my neice because she absolutely loves being all crafty and creative. They come with colourful paper, stickers, a journal and more!

Brand It! Branding Iron: I got two of these from Typo, one for my father and stepfather. It says “Braai Master” on it and you can basically brand the surface of your meat with it. I thought it was really cute considering the fact that they both really like to braai. By the way, if you are not from South Africa, “braai” is the way we say “barbecue”. I’ll probably wrap these with a piece of steak each (mom’s idea).

2017 Calendar: Now, this isn’t really a gift, I just bought it because it was R50 with any purchase at Typo. However, what really drew me towards it was the fact that every month in 2017 there is a coupon for something. Like, what a great excuse to shop at Typo every month!

I am very bad and very last minute, so I haven’t finished all of my Christmas shopping yet. This isn’t all, but this is most of it.

What did you buy your loved ones for Christmas?



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