Blogmas: Week 2

It is Christmas in the heart

that puts Christmas in the air.

– W.T. Ellis

Today I have officially put up eleven posts on my blog for December! That may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind that it is one whole post every single day. The fact that I have actually stuck to that is freaken amazing, considering the fact that I work full time.

Blogmas, so far, has not been as hard as what I expected. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of work and there have been times where I have had second thoughts, but I am actually having a lot of fun. By the time 2017 comes, I am going to have such a fresh outlook!

This week was definitely less eventful than last week.

My Lindt Christmas hamper arrived at my house! The amount of chocolate goodness in that hamper is out of this world and I am so, so grateful. Lindt are definitely very generous. Besides eating them just like that, I think that I will be using many of these for some festive baking and drinks… I also found Terry’s Chocolate Oranges in Pick n Pay! I have never seen those in South Africa before, even though they are old news overseas, so I got a little bit over excited.

Blogmas: Week 2

Blogmas: Week 2


The most exciting thing ever happened on Friday- Baskin Robbins opened in Canal Walk! When I lived in Dubai I used to eat this ice cream all the time. This is the first Baskin Robbins store to open in South Africa, so twelve years of dreaming and wanting finally came to an end. I got a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a scoop of cookies and cream ice cream. My boyfriend got a scoop of green tea ice cream (we have been craving green tea uce cream for so long, but NOBU Cape Town seemed to be the only place that sold it) and a scoop of Cotton Candy Wonderland. We went back the next day because, well, ice cream. This time I got something different: Earl Grey Tea and Caramel Scones. I really enjoyed that one as it had a very unique flavour.

Blogmas: Week 2

Blogmas: Week 2

You may have seen it on Instagram, but I recently became obsessed with gingerbread lattes. I finished an entire box of the Nescafe ones and went a few days without. Luckily, I found them again and I have now restocked (until next week). I even took it a step further and baked some gingerbread cookies for Christmas’ sake. I will be decorating them this week.Blogmas: Week 2

Now that I look at it, all that I have written about is food. In other news…

I have been trying to keep up with blogmas and vlogmas from various people, and here are my favourites for the week:

  • Jessice Kellgren-Hayes’ (missjessicakh) #ChristmasOutfitChallenge. Every day Jessica has been posting a beautiful festive outfit. Her style is very vintage-inspired, and she is absolutely stunning! She also has a YouTube channel and, yes, vlogmas videos are included too!
  • Zoe Sugg’s (Zoella) 24 Days of Zoella. It is comforting to know that Zoe shares the same love and obsession with Christmas as me. She works so hard on her videos and they are all so festive and inspiring. What’s even more cray cray is that this worker bee is uploading not one, but TWO videos every day!
  • Robyn Kriel’s (It’s Just Robyn) 12 Days of Christmas. Robyn’s videos are just so cute and homemade, and her ideas are really festive. It really puts a smile on my face! She hasn’t got many subscribers, but I love how she stays true to herself as it is very hard not to follow the crowd.

Here are my blogmas posts for this week that has passed:

05/12: Candy Cane HeartsA super cute chocolate and candy cane treat.

06/12: A Peek Inside ‘The Little X-Mas Factory’: A review of Essence’s festive trend edition.

07/12: Stay Organised This SeasonTips on how not to have a heart attack this holiday season.

08/12: Italian Hot Chocolate (Cioccolata Calda)The most amazing thick and rich hot chocolate, made with REAL chocolate.

09/12: ‘Tis the Season for Red LipsThe best time to wear red lipstick is December.

10/12: Movies to Get You Into the Christmas SpiritA Christmas-must is to watch some Christmas movies (of course).

What did you do this week? Who are you watching/reading?



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