BaByliss Twist Secret: Review & Ideas


DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product by Beauty Bulletin for their #BabylissTwistSecret word of mouth project. My review is 100% my honest opinion and it has not been influenced by any individual or organisation. Thank you to Beauty Bulletin for giving me this opportunity.

Gorgeous hair is the best revenge.

– Ivana Trump

I am not very good when it comes to hairstyles. Ponytail or loose, that’s as far as it goes! Putting all personal opinions aside, Ivana has a point: amazing hair can make you feel darn amazing.

The Twist Secret is a very ingenius idea on BaByliss’s part. Instead of doing the tedius work of plaiting and twisting your hair, you can use this simple little machine that does all the messy work for you!

You start off with putting two pieces of hair into the clips on the machine. Pushing up those clips was a tad bit of a nightmare, but the rest is a breeze: simply swipe up or down. Swiping up will twist each section of the hair, and swiping down will twist the two twists together into an even bigger twist. Does that make sense? Take note that the twists do tend to loosen after you unclip your hair from the machine. Also, as easy as it is to use, you’d probably still need help (in my case, my mom’s) when doing styles that look snazzy at the back. Actually, the only thing that would stop me from using it often is the fact that I SUCK at doing my own hair if I cannot see what I’m doing (am I the only female who cannot French plait her own hair?).

The machine is very easy to hold and I can fit it into my little bag. No wires, no mess, no fuss (it even comes with batteries too).

The styles that you can create are absolutely endless, and what I have done is just the tip of the iceberg. You can easily create UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL hairstyles with a fraction of the effort and time! However, the proof is in the pudding (I hate that idiom) and you can see the hairstyles that I created in my photos. I can assure you that people will be questioning and complimenting you all day! (For a split second, when taking everything loose, it looked like I had dreadlocks which was surprisingly awesome.)

BaByliss Twist Secret: Review & Ideas

“Let it go, let it go!”

BaByliss Twist Secret: Review & Ideas

BaByliss Twist Secret: Review & Ideas

“Oh, I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair…”

BaByliss Twist Secret: Review & Ideas

BaByliss Twist Secret: Review & Ideas

I would recommend this product to people who like to play around with hairstyles. In fact, I don’t see why a hair stylist couldn’t use it either. If I am going to be completely honest here, I will probably use this regularly for a few days and never touch it again. That’s just me. In fact, if I had seen this in Clicks, I would have probably said “this is so cool”, but I would never have purchased it myself because I know myself. However, I am grateful to have received this and I am very lucky to have such a nifty and convenient tool for those special occasions.

The BaByliss Twist Secret is available at Clicks stores and online for R399.

Shout out to my mom who helped me out at 10PM on a Monday night. 

Have you used the Twist Secret? I’d love to see your creations!


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