Dining Out at NOBU Cape Town

Dining Out at NOBU Cape Town

12.11.2016. NOBU Cape Town is an artistic masterpiece. Credit to the talented photographer of this photo.

“I want to always keep going.

I don’t want to ever stop.”

It’s hard to keep going when things don’t go right. If we fail once then perhaps we can try again, but fail once more and it gets harder to stay motivated. We’ve all been in that boat, and Nobu Matsuhisa is no exception. His first restaurant failed, then another one burned down and he was drowning in debt. I’m sure that you can guess that Nobu’s luck changed otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this, would I?

The road to success is not an easy one to trek, but you need to realize that focusing only on your destination is going to limit your success. Success is not a destination, success is going around the bend, going over the bumps and  going up those steep hills. It’s hard, but when you look back you will understand how far you’ve come. And then you need to keep on going.

My partner decided to treat me to one of the most unique dining experiences ever for our five-year-anniversary, and walking into NOBU Cape Town, I felt like a nervous wreck. This was largely due to the fact that I had both laryngitis and an ear infection, but mainly due to the fact that I was wearing heels (trying to be fancy when I really am just a granny).

Standing at the top of the stairs, you have an amazing view of the entire restaurant. As we walked down the stairs (I was trying very hard not to fall) and into the piece of art, “irasshaimase” echoed throughout the entire restaurant. Apparently, that means “welcome” in Japanese and I was truly blown away by that.

I could not take the nicest photos due to the dim lighting, but I’ve included them in any case because YUM!


We started with a Nobu Bellini and a Japanese Margarita, and later the MIA Margarita and Onikoroshi sake. Admittedly, 75% of the drinks weren’t mine, but I truly enjoyed my first bellini EVER (am I fancy yet?)!

NOBU Bellini from NOBU Cape Town

NOBU Bellini- Hokusetsu Sake, elderflower and peach juice, topped with sparkling wine

MIA Margarita from NOBU Cape Town

MIA Margarita- Fresh passion fruit spiced with Japanese shichimi, tequila, lime and honey.


Hokusetsu Onikoroshi “DEVIL KILLER”- A sharp, spicy and dry choice of Japanese sake.


I like the concept at NOBU, which is family-style eating. This means that you order food to share. Spicy edamame was the first food order of the evening, and I really enjoyed the simplicity of the dish. There is a salted version, but that just didn’t seem quite as nice. The next dish was one of my favourites: Rock Shrimp Tempura with all three sauces. I would highly recommend this dish if you are willing to spend the money. I am a massive tempura fan, which is why I also ordered avocado tempura and shiitaki mushroom tempura (just because). After we ordered the Kingklip with Amazu Ponzu Sauce, which tasted a lot more amazing than what I expected from my first time eating kingklip, we were suddenly presented with another dish: Salmon with Karashi Su Miso. Apparently this was a gift from the chef, which truly put a smile on our faces. The dishes are all small and pricey, but we were surprisingly full after just that.

Spicy Edamame from NOBU Cape Town

Spicy Edamame

Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy, Ponzu and Jalapeno from NOBU Cape Town

Rock Shrimp Tempura with Creamy Spicy, Ponzu and Jalapeno sauces.

Kingklip Amazu Ponzu

Kingklip Amazu Ponzu

Salmon Karashi Su Miso from NOBU Cape Town

Salmon Karashi Su Miso

Avocado and Shiitaki Mushroom Tempura from NOBU Cape Town

Avocado Tempura and Shiitaki Mushroom Tempura.


We went all out for this one, ordering more dessert than what our stomaches could handle. The first dessert to come out was another gift from the chefs: the cutest little cheesecake with blueberry ice cream! It is not on their menu, but it probably should be because it tasted amazing. The most WOW dessert at NOBU Cape Town was the Chocolate Tart, simply because you watch a sphere of chocolate melt in front of your eyes as the waiter pours hot chocolate sauce over it. It sounds whatever, but it is surprisingly satisfactory. That night was also my first time eating Mochi. Knowing how popular mochi is in Japan, I was fascinated by it. However, I found myself peeling the “skin” off and just eating the ice cream inside (what a disgrace I am). The Chocolate Bento Box was definitely one of my favourites and I regret not being able to finish it (that darned tempura). To charm us even more, we received a complimetary glass of dessert wine each from the bar. I don’t know what kind of dessert wine it was, but I actually liked it.

Anniversary Cheesecake with Blueberry Ice Cream from NOBU Cape Town

Anniversary Cheesecake with Blueberry Ice Cream.

NOBU Chocolate Tart from NOBU Cape Town

NOBU Chocolate Tart- A hollow chocolate sphere served with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

Mochi from NOBU Cape Town

Homemade Mochi- Homemade Green Tea, Mango and Blueberry Mochi.

Chocolate Bento Box- Chocolate fondant with green tea ice cream.

Chocolate Bento Box- Chocolate fondant with green tea ice cream.

Just before we left, I got to meet a few of the chefs, including the head chef, Dill, which really put the cherry on top.

Our experience at NOBU Cape Town was more than pleasant, and I am looking forward to going there again. There is still SO much more on the menu to try! I do believe that the prices are exaggerated, but we were prepared for that. Sometimes it’s good to splurge on unique experiences. Most of us work hard for our money, so why not enjoy it?

Thank you to every single staff member for being so good to us that night and making our experience 100% more enjoyable!

Have you been to NOBU? Which dish was your favourite? Which restaurants would you recommend?


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