Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors by Revlon

Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors by Revlon

I have recently found myself hanging around the Revlon stand at Clicks for what feels like hours at a time. Has it got something to do with their current Revlon special? Probably.

(I have taken full advantage of this special, and I plan to continue throwing my money at Clicks until I have everything that I want. Priorities.)

My first shopping trip consisted of purchasing Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation, Volume+Length Magnified Mascara and the Ultra HD Lipcolor in the shade HD Seduction. Perhaps it was the smell or the velvety formula that attracted me, but I went back a few days later and purchased another three shades.

Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors by Revlon


 From top to bottom we have…

HD Seduction: This is the nude shade in the collection- my favourite. It is so simple, a style that I tend to drift towards.

HD Devotion: This is the rosey shade in the collection. I love how perfect it is for spring.

HD Obsession: This shade is a perfectly beautiful, bright pink. I actually thought that it was neon. Move over, Barbie.

HD Passion: This is the wine-like shade in the collection. It’s a deep red and, to be honest, I feel like an ugly Christina Aguilera when I wear this. Win!

Many people dislike the smell of these liquid lipsticks, but I personally think that it is freaken yummyRevlon refers to it as a “creamy mango and whipped vanilla fragrance”, but my boyfriend happened to hit the nail on the head by stating that it smells like a strawberry Yogueta lollipop. The smell does not linger on your lips for too long, so you won’t be smelling like candy all day.

These lipsticks are most definitely HD, I think. They are bright and stand out without having to build on it.

There has been a bit of a controversy about whether or not they truly have a matte finish. From what I have experienced, it is initially glossy. As you can see in the swatches, it is doing what liquid does- shine. It does eventually dry on my lips, but a lot of the colour is lost by that time and the creases are accentuated. Maybe I’m doing something wrong- what has your experience been like?

They do leave a stain too.  As you can see in the image of the swatches, there is some pink-ness underneath. That is from swatching and washing it off. I tried my best to get rid of the stain, but my arm can only handle so much scrubbing.

Creamy mango and whipped vanilla fragrance

I would recommend the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors to anybody. They are bright, velvety and have a high-end feel. The packaging is perfect and I do believe that they are worth the money.

These are currently retailing at approximately R155 at Clicks and Dis-Chem. If I were you I’d grab a few whilst Clicks has their “buy three for two” special.

Have you tried these? Comment your opinion and experience with these lipsticks.


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