Spring Lush Haul

Walking into LUSH is like being slapped in the face by everything that smells good in this world. It is also quite an interesting excursion. Shower jelly? Err. Solid deodorant? LUSH has got your back (and your armpits, for that matter).  Solid toothpaste? You can expect a blog post about THAT soon.LUSH Haul

LUSH is making a conscious effort to rid all of the harmful chemicals and preservatives that are currently present in our everyday products. Everything is fresh, handmade, 100% vegetarian and untested on animals.
I decided that my first LUSH blog post is going to be about what they are truly known and loved for- their gigantic bath bombs and bubble bars!
Sakura: I absolutely love Japan and cherry blossom trees, so this bath bomb was right up my alley. The soft pink and blue make this bath bomb simply look pretty. The featured ingredient, according to their website, is coarse sea salt. You’re probably thinking “boooring”, but fear not! There is more to the little white granules than what meets the eye. The unsung heroes at LUSH literally harvest all of the salt crystals by hand from the “wild, cold water of the Atlantic Sea, off the shores of Portugal”. Fancy. Read up on here about the amazing health benefits of coarse sea salt. 
Rose Jam: How cute is this bubbleroon? It probably smells as intense as NordWestZentrum in September 2005, but I’m not complaining. This macaroon-looking thing looks and smells edible, and I’m sure you could eat it (I don’t recommend doing that though), but you’re actually meant to run it under your bath water for the most amazing rosey-lemony-geraniumy-smelling bubbles.
Dragon's Egg

Dragon’s Egg: Unfortunately disembodied merpeople do not sing to you when you dive underwater with this bath bomb. Bummer for Harry Potter fanatics like myself. However, this is still one of the cutest looking bath bombs ever! It is pure white with colourful spots and an exploding glittery center. Lemon Oil from Sicily is the featured ingredient that you can read up about here.

Creamy Candy

Creamy Candy: It looks like it’s handmade by a third grader and it smells like a carnival. Compared to the other products, Creamy Candy doesn’t stand out very much. All that I can think about is chewing it (is that weird?), but after much thought, I concluded that this bubble bar is perfect for you if you like pink, candy-floss-smelling baths and soft cocoa-and-almond-buttery skin! Creative.


Twilight: This bath bomb is perfect for a bath after a highly stressful day. The featured ingredient is French lavender oil from Provence. Need I say more? Your bath goes from a pink and blue galaxy-looking swirl to a shimmery purple, well, twilight. How appropriate. You can read more about French lavender oil here.

Let me know about what you like and dislike from LUSH in the comments below, or simply say hi!


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